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SWO Trace not working with MCUXpresso 10.2.0

Question asked by tim99 on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by LPCX presso support

With MCUXpresso 10.2.0 I am not able to use SWO Trace. When I go to the SWO Trace Config I get the following error message: "Could not create the view: com.crt.javaswv.views.config.SwvConfigFormView". I get a similar error message in the tabs

Instruction Trace: Could not create the view: com.crt.etmetb.views.EtbView,

Power Measurement Tool: Could not create the view: com.nxp.current.views.CurrentGraphView,

SWO ITM Console: Could not create the view: com.crt.javaswv.views.Itm,

SWO Int Stats: Could not create the view: com.crt.javaswv.views.interruptstats

SWO Data: Could not create the view: com.crt.javaswv.views.DataView,

SWO Profile: Could not create the view: com.crt.javaswv.views.ProfileView


See also attach image. 

How can i fix this?


I have added the .log file