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iMX7 dual - Temperature issue

Question asked by YUVARAJ VISWANATHAN on May 22, 2018
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We are facing a temperature issue in iMX7 dual processor (commercial).The part number is "MCIMX7D7DVM10SC". The processors undergoes thermal shutdown at 60'C (ambient) with just a single Ethernet interface operating @ 100Mbps. Later I repeated the experiment with iMX7-Sabre SD and Nitrogen boards and got the results mentioned below.

Table.1 Results of Experiments

BoardSabre SDOur ProductNitrogen
Interface runningEthernet x1 @100MbpsEthernet x1 @100MbpsEthernet x1 @100Mbps
Ambient Temperature67.3'C63.5'C82'C
Die temperature @Thermal shutdown90'C90'C105'C(Industrial processor)
Temperature on processor package top @Thermal shutdown83.3'C83.7'C97.3'C


The total power consumed by our product is 1W (Max). As per the datasheet specification the Junction to Package temperature is 0.2'C/W (shown in below table).

The expected temperature difference between the Die temperature and the Temperature on the processor package must be 0.2'C (for our case). But from  table.1 it is clear that the difference is too large.

Moreover the CPU load is about 30-35%.


Looking forward for suggestions.


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