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How to connect HVP-46F150M to KMS?

Question asked by Eduardo Carletti on May 22, 2018
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I am developing a 3-PHASE ACIM motor control using a HVP-46F150M and a HVP-MC3PH. At first I tried using the freeMaster solution, where I was able to run my motor, but the calibration process was not succesfull. So now I jumped to the KMS world.

I already installed the KMS suite, created new project, but the software cannot connect to my board. The OpenSDA driver on the HVP-46F150M was outdated, I did the update and still have no answer, as seen on the attached image.

When debuging the software, no matter the IDE (tried IAR, KDS and MCUExpresso), the processor stalls due to some unhandled harwdare fault interruption. This is most evident on MCUExpresso, once the RED LED is kept on. The command executed that causes the fault is "v->nonClearableFaults.bits.secureMotorObserverRomIdFault = !GetMotorObserverSecureVersionIsCompatible();", I am not sure about what it should do. After this, if I pause the debug, the IDE is on the function "Hardfault_Handler". Both screen captures are attached.

On other thread of the forum, I saw that the support for my board in KMS is somewhat recent (since last february). IS there any update I need to apply to my board so it could work?


I would really appreciate some help! Thanks,


Eduardo Carletti