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MPC5748G CAN receiver issue (CAN1 working, CAN0,2,3,5,6,7 not working)

Question asked by Navinar Savad on May 22, 2018
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  I am working on a CAN based project in the MPC5748G-Devkit board. I need to receive data via 7 CAN interfaces, i.e., CAN0, CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, CAN5, CAN6 and CAN7 and process it dynamically. I am using the S32 IDE and OpenSDA Debugger. 


I configured one Devkit board's CAN1 to transmit a packet continuously with the ID 0x555. Then I modified the receiver code to receive data in all the above listed CAN interfaces, and display them. But I am only able to receive the data in the CAN1 interface, not the other CAN interfaces. Is there any specific configurations that needs to be made for the other CAN modules? I saw that CAN0 had some additional configurations, but CAN1-CAN7 are the same. 


I am using a custom board for breaking out the required CAN lines. The pin connections are: 

CAN0_RX - PA15           CAN0_TX - PA13

CAN1_RX - PC11           CAN1_TX - PC10

CAN2_RX - PE9             CAN2_TX - PE8

CAN3_RX - PF9             CAN3_TX - PF8

CAN5_RX - PE0             CAN5_TX - PE1

CAN6_RX - PB10           CAN6_TX - PF0

CAN7_RX - PG9             CAN7_TX - PG8


I probed the input lines and the CAN data is received at the pins correctly. Are there any additional configurations which needs to be done? 


I have attached the receiver code for your reference. I am not using Processor Expert, as I want to go with the raw option.


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