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How to create custom SD card with custom kernel , uboot ,device tree , initramfs without touching the machine file.

Question asked by harish Ganesan on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by jimmychan

Our need is to create 2 seperate targets to create different image types for the same machine. Consider targets 'normal' and 'minimal' . When i use bitbake normal , the normal will generate the sdcard image with the default kernel , uboot , dtb and initramfs. But when i use bitbake minimal, this target should generate a sdcard image with a modified kernel,uboot ,dtb , initramfs. Is this acheivable without creating two seperate machine file versions.


I tried creating a new target following the 'mfgtool' path. But all mfgtool does is build required versions of the zImage,uboot,dtb,initramfs in the out directory and  call core-image.bbclass .When i try the same after removing FS types and other seemingly unrelated configurations, the custom zImage,uboot,dtb and initramfs gets built. But the default zImage,uboot and dtb still make it to the sdcard  image. 


Is there any way to specify which image should yocto consider as the actual zImage , uboot ,dtb and initramfs ? 


Rephrasing the question, Is there anyway to override building virtual/kernel and virtual/bootloader , without creating a completely seperate machine.conf file ?