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Some problems on NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit OM5569/NT322E develop.

Question asked by gf on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by IvanRuiz

#NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit# #NFC#

I am a newer NFC developer.I purchased a #NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit OM5569/NT322E.

When test with the demo projects, i find some problems.

1/ Download the NTAG_I2C_Explorer_Demo release version code(NTAG_I2C_Explorer_Demo.axf) to the NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit.

2/ Test with NTAG I2C Demo(App Version 1.7.8) application on an Android mobile Samsung S7 edge.

3/ All functions work well except Reset tag in CONFIG menu.It appears "Error during memory content reset.(Screenshot1)

Q1:If i miss something when test with Reset tag???


4/ When i try to debug the  NTAG_I2C_Explorer_Demo  Project in debug mode on LPCXpresso IDE V8.2.2 on window system. It appears "Target error from Commit Flash Write:Ee(FF).Redlink interface error 255.".(Screenshot2)

Q2:What is the problem when debug NTAG_I2C_Explorer_Demo project???


Q3:If i want to output log information in console when debug, what should i do ???


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