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Unable to Flash the Android Binary image using MFGtool

Question asked by puru soth on May 21, 2018
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I am trying to flash the pre-built android binary of "android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_image_6sxsabresd" to my imx6sx board using mfgtool(android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_tools). I have copied the u-boot,system,recovery and boot images to the "android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_tools\mfgtools\Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\files\android\sabresd" directory. I have tried using "mfgtool2-android-mx6sx-sabresd-sdcard" and "mfgtool2-android-mx6sx-sabresd-sdcard-f2fs" vbs script file. The tool fails when it tries to execute the script "" and displays ""Push" error, file="\android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_tools\mfgtools\Profiles\linux\OS Firmware\" in "mfgtool".

I have atached the snapshot,mfgtool and debug uart logs for reference.

I have connected 32GB class 10 micro sdhc card with adapter to SD4 slot.


Kindly guide me in resolving this issue.



Purusothaman R