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Codewarrior license problem

Question asked by Stefano Rocca on Nov 3, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2008 by Stefano Rocca
Hello to all,
I purchased a CWA-PRO-FL codewarrior suite.
My PC is not a server: it is only a PC (windows XP professional based) connected to the internet via an ethernet card.
I tried to activate it: received the license.dat file and loaded it in the codewarrior directory.
When I run the program, I get the following error:
The CodeWarrior IDE is licensed and a valid license key was not found
Please contact ....
Network connect to THIS_HOST failed
The license file indicates THIS_HOST, and the server is not running on this host.
If it's running on a different host, THIS HOST sould be changed to the correct host.
Feature: Win32_CWIDE_Limited
License pat
Could my problem resides in the fact that my PC is not a server?