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Weston Wayland g2d_buf_from_virt_addr undefined

Question asked by Michael Donahoe on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Michael Donahoe

Weston Wayland imx6 Yocto rocko.  Trying to run with --use-g2d=1 and get the following.  I was looking in imx-gpu-viv-5.0.11.p8.6 to see if one of the libraries contains g2d_buf_from_virt_addr, but I did not see it.  What am I missing?  Thanks


[01:31:12.155] weston 2.0.0
Bug reports to:
Build: 2.0.0-22-g506dc2d-dirty compositor-drm: Ignore non-KMS devices (2017-10-13 17:42:08 -0500)
[01:31:12.155] Command line: weston --log=/dev/console --use-g2d=1
[01:31:12.155] OS: Linux, 4.1.44+g0d698de4, #13 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 15 14:33:37 CDT 2018, armv7l
[01:31:12.156] Starting with no config file.
[01:31:12.156] Output repaint window is 7 ms maximum.
[01:31:12.156] Loading module '/usr/lib/libweston-2/'
[01:31:12.158] initializing fbdev backend
[01:31:12.158] Loading module '/usr/lib/libweston-2/'
[01:31:12.159] Failed to load module: /usr/lib/libweston-2/ undefined symbol: g2d_buf_from_virt_addr
[01:31:12.160] could not load g2d renderer
[01:31:12.310] fatal: failed to create compositor backend