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IoT Modular Gateway OOB - "Make End Node Online" problem

Question asked by Frantisek Strpko on May 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Dhvanil Patel

we would like to run Modular Gateway OOB Demo but face the problem of making thread end node online. We have successfully commissioned gateway and also the end node with corresponding notifications on mobile phone. LED2 on gateway blinks 10 times which is confirmation of successful commissioning.
However, the last step before we can actually control end node from mobile application which is "Make End Node Online" does not pass -> We do not get notification "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is online through VTBR_xxxxxxxxxxxx Would you like to commission another end device?" on mobile phone.
We follow the steps in the user guide: FRDM board in factory reset by pressing SW3 for 8s -> press SW3 to get to joining mode -> Multicolor LED flashing with different color. After succesfull connection to thread network multicolor led should go off but this does not happen.
We also observe "Join failed" message on serial console connected to end node.

Bellow is HW and SW configuration we are using:

Android App:

NXP Modular Gateway:
SN: 1610007239044
MAC: 70-B3-D5-9A-E0-46
Linux Image (SD Card): volansys-modular-gateway-imx6ulmg-20180305123232-dual-parted.rootfs.sdcard
Firmware on flash: loaded with MFG Tool -> package NMG_IDEX_V1.1.0_NAND_MFGTool (without any modifications)
Gateway Thread Radio Module: MKWKW41Z-Rev0 (Volansys) + KW41Z-combine-bootloader-hostcontrol-v2.0.5.bin

End Node:
FRDM-KW41Z Development Board + FRDM-KW41Z-REED-bootloader-RGBLED-combine-v2.0.8.bin

Could you, please, provide us with some hint what may be wrong and also check if versions of HW and SW we have are compatible with what we are trying to achieve?