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Where should RfReset be inserted within EMVCo CL1 loopback

Question asked by Denis Collis on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Denis Collis

Reference: EMVCo PCD Analogue Test Bench and Test Case Requirements Version 2.6b,

  1.  - page 74, Section 8.3. Preliminary Set-ups
  2.  - page 91, Section TAB113.z00 Verifying the PCD Operating Field Resetting 

My contactless card reader recently failed test TAB113, as per reference b, above.  The test laboratory said they could not detect the RF-Reset within the loopback.   I challenged this as I believed this test case simply required manual invocation of a carrier reset by the operator. 


They rebuffed that they use "loopback" mode for ALL the Type Approval test cases, as per reference a, above.


On reviewing the NXP code, and some other alternates too, I see that there is only one 25ms RF reset, EmvcoRfReset(25) when exiting the loopback on an End_Of_Test_Analog (0x72) from the PICC.  Obviously this was not detected at all by the test bench. 


Where, then, should an additional RF Reset be inserted?