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imx6ull custom board is failing to boot from emmc

Question asked by Pankaj Joshi on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Biyong Sun

Rita Wang

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Hi All,


I am trying to bring up the custom imx6ull based board. I am able to flash the modified u-boot via mfgtool2. I have modified "mx6ullevk files : mx6ullevk.h & mx6ullevk.c" since our board is same as evaluation board, only eMMC(5.1 - 8 GB) is added. We changed the boot configurations and we used 


0x0000c86d - As per our shcematic and same as imx6ull evaluation board boot configurations.






Regular Boot , SD/MMC Speed Normal, Bus Width 8-bit , eSDHC2.


I also added padding for eMMC in u-boot for eSDHC2.

I am able to flash u-boot, dtb, zImage and rootfs built via "yocto imx-morty release". 

After flashing, board is going always in HID mode. If again, i flash only u-boot in RAM via mfgtool and break it using keyboard and then when i do a normal boot "command: boot", i see that the kernel and rootfs boot from the mmc correctly and get the prompt on console. 


Can anyone please help in letting me know, how can we boot from eMMC.

Also we have new DDR3L - 4 GB, but we have not changed DCD file yet. Is it mandatory to change for now. We are able to work with 512MB DDR configurations default for imx6ullevk board and see U-BOOT coming up. We are close to the solution but hard to find what we missed. Any help is highly appreciated !