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MPC5746R eTPU to UART data transfer

Question asked by Cecilia C on May 18, 2018
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I want to periodically transfer data from the eTPU to UART via DMA, every 100us it should transfer 8 bytes.  I have tried the following approaches:


1) NBYTES = 1, CITER/BITER = 8. The problem here is that the DMARequest from the eTPU only triggers one iteration of the major loop so only one byte is sent.


2) NBYTES = 8, CITER/BITER = 1. With this test the data seems to be overwritten and not everything is sent. Which I'm guessing is because the Tx FIFO only has room for 4 bytes


3) NBYTES = 3, CITER/BITER = 1. This acutally works, all data is sent, but I really want to send 8 bytes....


Does anyone have any idea or example on how to make this work??