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lpcxx address at reset

Question asked by Luca Meloni on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Con Verse

Hello everyone. I am a new user of the NXP chips (coming from the PICs). I have doubts about what happens at the reset. In the pics on reset, the flash memory instruction is executed at address 0x0:

Line Address Opcode Label Disassembly

1 00000 040200 goto _reset

2 00002 000000 nop

3 00004 0029FC _DefaultInterrupt

4 00006 0029FC _DefaultInterrupt


Does the same thing happen in the lpc24xx chips? Reading the manual would seem so, but I can not figure out if the address 0x0 is related to the flash memory (lpc2468):


0x0: 0x18 DC8 24; '.'

Region $$ Table $$ Base:

Region $$ Table $$ Limit:


0x1: 0xf0 DC8 240; '.'

0x2: 0xe59f DC16 58783; '..'

0x4: 0xe59ff018 PC LDR, [PC, # 0x18]; Abort_Handler

0x8: 0xe59ff018 PC LDR, [PC, # 0x18]; Abort_Handler

0xc: 0xe59ff018 PC LDR, [PC, # 0x18]; Abort_Handler


 At address 0x0 appears:

0x0: 0x18 DC8 24; '.'

This does not seem like a "goto"...