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How to get the printf to write to UART0?

Question asked by Hoch on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Hoch

I am running the FreeRTOS "hello world" demo imported from an SDK, on a TWR-KV31F120120M development kit with a serial board.  I have MCUXpresso build an .s19 file. I program the FLASH using a PE-MIcro MultiLine Universal via the J-TAG connector. I have added some code to blink the LEDs so that I know that my system is running. I reset the system by cycling power, and I can see my LEDs blink. However, I need to get the printf to write to UART0. I have read various manuals and online information, some claiming that this can be done, and I have followed the instructions the best I could, but I cannot make it print to my dumb terminal on UART0. Does any one know how to do that?