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MPC5744P can't entry debug mode

Question asked by lei fang on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Grace Zhang

I am using  document  "AN4365  Qorivva MPC56xx Flash Programming Through Nexus JTAG.pdf " to entry debug mode. MPC56xx device is ok, however, MPC5744P is fail.

I review MPC5744P Reference Manual. I don't kown which  one of ACCESS_AUX 5-bit JTAG instructions is right. It seem 6-bit is right

code below:


   JTAG_IR_Scan(0x1, 5);      //5 bit
    rdata = JTAG_DR_Scan_Read(0x0,32);  //0x39b4501d       jtag id is ok

   JTAG_IR_Scan(0x1A, 6);      //6 bit  


   rdata = JTAG_IR_Scan(WRITE_RS|OCR, 10);      //0x241    read OSR is ok
    JTAG_DR_Scan(0x5,32);  //    Set the OCR[DR] and OCR[WKUP] bits





   rdata = JTAG_IR_Scan(READ_RS|BYPASS, 10);      //0x221  read OSR is error
    if(rdata!=0x209) Fail();


1)  Which  one of ACCESS_AUX 5-bit JTAG instructions? I try 0x10,0x17,0x18,0x1a,0x1e

2)  Only OSR return 0x209 is right, and entry debug mode, Why I  test return 0x221 Halt mode ?