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MTRDEVKSBNK144 Application adding ADC.

Question asked by Sohyun Jang on May 17, 2018



I use MTRDEVKSBNK144 Application Software. 

I have a question about the application code.


1. For sensing the DC link voltage, DC link current, Phase voltage,




Is there any reason to set 2000 to 4000 instead of Full PWM?

When setting to HALF_PWM, I want to know if AD conversion is possible for 0 ~ 2000 and AD conversion is not possible for 2000 ~ 4000.

2. For sensing DC link current, It sets PDB delay to 0 for sensing in PWM center,

For sensing each phase voltage and DC link voltage, I know that the PDB delay varies depending on the output duty cycle value.

At present, the value information of other sensors is required, so it is necessary to add about 4 channels.

Therefore, the PDB delay must be add in AD sequence.

I want to know the minimum PDB delay time for other AD conversions after one AD conversion in PDB_DRV_SetAdcPreTriggerDelayValue().


3. Is there any other way not to add PDB delays?
For example, a continuous ADC


Thanks you.