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   receiving string (or text file) from PC using UART without DMA and with DMA- KL25z

Question asked by Ofir Yaish on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Kerry Zhou


I'm working on a project which contain a part in which I need to get a string that contains command (or just text) from the PC (working on visual studio environment).

The problem is that once I send a string from the computer such as "turnOnRed", the KL25z is  not receiving all the string (I trying to  keep it  in char array)- sometimes it receiving one letter and sometimes it even get all string  such as "delay



I using codewarrior, and in order to get the string i'm using the following command 

char temp=uart_getchar (UART0_BASE_PTR); //it's waiting until data is at UART0_data register

temp is going to char array in case it's suitable (very short code).

the command is  in a while function for multi reading.

note that if i send characters one by one it's working fine. 


the problem (as I see it) is that the computer sends the string at once, and it the uart is not suitable for this kind of work, it doesn't have large FIFO buffer or something like that .


what solution can be to such thing?


Moreover, I need to send large text files and DMA should be suitable for it (I think), what configurations are needed for that? and will I face the same problem which I had in the normal use of UART. 


thank you