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LPC4337 Ethernet is working only in debug Mode

Question asked by Luis Walther-Acosta on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Hui_Ma

LPC4337 Ethernet is Working completely only in Debug Mode.


Hi, I have a problem with My LPC4337 target, my system works with the LWIP  with no RTOS (  the examples files are under under THIS link)  and  when  the debugger is Connected  the Program work Ok, they receive multicast UDP messages and send and receive  unicast messages without problem, but after power on reset, the program don't receive more Multicast Messages, but receive and Send UDP unicast messages  without problem ,  I really don't understand why is that happen , I view other Posts  like THIS but  for them the Ethernets stop to work and for me  is working partially without debugger , but with the debugger its working Ok.

maybe is  something I the configuration for the memory , my memory linker script is at the end:








PROVIDE(_pvHeapStart = DEFINED(__user_heap_base) ? __user_heap_base : ADDR(.data_RAM3));

PROVIDE(_pvHeapLimit = DEFINED(__user_heap_base) ? __user_heap_base + 0x7FFF: ADDR(.data_RAM3) + 0x7FFF);

PROVIDE(_vStackTop = DEFINED(__user_stack_top) ? __user_stack_top : __top_RamAHB16 - 0);


/* ## Create checksum value (used in startup) ## */

PROVIDE(__valid_user_code_checksum = 0 -


+ (ResetISR + 1)

+ (NMI_Handler + 1)

+ (HardFault_Handler + 1)

+ (( DEFINED(MemManage_Handler) ? MemManage_Handler : 0 ) + 1) /* MemManage_Handler may not be defined */

+ (( DEFINED(BusFault_Handler) ? BusFault_Handler : 0 ) + 1) /* BusFault_Handler may not be defined */

+ (( DEFINED(UsageFault_Handler) ? UsageFault_Handler : 0 ) + 1) /* UsageFault_Handler may not be defined */

) );


where my Heap are in the memory 0x20000000 to 0x20007FFF and my Stack begin at the memory 0x20008000, and the global variables at position 0x10080000.


what I am doing wrong , or is a error in the debugger ,how start the debugger the controller that something happens?


thanks in advance..



UPDATE ( I think is not the Ethernet,  I think is a problem with the power on reset, because after power on reset the program don't work correctly and after software reset or press reset pin  or programming over debugger the program works fine, but I think is something with the lpc link 2 programmer because , I tested a old version from my program that work fine but  now is not working and the only thing that I remember that I do ist to use another lpc link 2 programmer......... )