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IAR Embedded workbech linker offset adjustment.

Question asked by Dongho Ha on May 18, 2018

Hi, All.


This is Mr. Ha Dongho.

I am trying KE06(128K) uart bootloader.


I tried uart bootloader by AN4767(KE02 uart bootloader) and AN5219(KE06 CAN bootloader), AN2295 downloader.

Now, I succeed connect with AN2295 downloader.

It work well erasing, blank checking.

But flash program fail. 

Universal bootloader program try flash program at 0x00000000.

0x00000000 area is bootloader area.


Refer below please.

1. MCU info wrong.

2. Now, application address is 0x00000000

   But my bootloader area is 0x0000~0x00001FFF and application area is 0x2000~0x0001FFFF.


I use IAR Embedded Workbench 7.7.

How can I change application offset address?

Someone help please.



I solved this problem.

I used AN5219SW demo application's icf file.


Bootloader and application operate well.