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LS1043a: invalid SECMON state at boot

Question asked by Alexandre BERDERY on May 17, 2018
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I'm currently working with a LS1043a based platform (miriac™ MPX-LS1043A ) with no possibility today to solder a JTAG connector.  I'm using QorIQ SDK2.0 to perform a SD boot with SPL binary.


Dumping SECMON HPSR register soon after ISBC boot in SPL, the reported SSM_STATE is "non-secure":

=> md.b 0x1e90014 4
01e90014: 80 00 0b 00

(NOTE: This is the log of a board with some fused programmed so showing OTPMK is non zero... But I have the exactly same behavior with the same platform without any fuse programmed. Then, before permanently programming OTPMK fuses I payed attention to SFP_SVHESR indicating all "0" )


I was expecting SECMON to be in CHECK state before starting SPL. Looking at SECMON's state machine the transition from CHECK to NON-SECURE may occur in case of External Boot or in case of Hardware Security Violation. 

Is there any other reason for this transition to happen during BROM execution ?


Logging all SECMON status registers, I cannot find trace of any "security violation". 

Is SD boot considered as an "External Boot" on LS1043a ?


I'm not sure about all PBL and RCW stuff done for this platform so that I provide below an abstract of u-boot config files in case something obvious can be found that may explain this SECMON scenario:

PBI commands embedded in my SPL image:

#Configure Scratch register
09570600 00000000
09570604 10000000
#Alt base register
09570158 00001000
#Disable CCI barrier tranaction
09570178 0000e010
09180000 00000008
#USB PHY frequency sel
09570418 0000009c
0957041c 0000009c
09570420 0000009c
#flush PBI data
096100c0 000fffff


RCW values embedded in my SPL image:

#PBL preamble and RCW header
aa55aa55 01ee0100
0810000e 0a000000 00000000 00000000
33550002 00000002 60107000 c1002000
00000000 00000000 00000000 01036ffc
20004505 00001200 00000096 00000001


Thanks in advance for any useful feedback,