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Regarding query for RFID antenna design in small size.

Question asked by limbachiya on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

Dear Sir/Mam,


Thanks in advance for your support.


We are evaluating NFC application by using of NXP chipset CLRC663.So in that, we have a query in NFC antenna design as per bellow.


During an evaluation, we are strictly follow attached NXP antenna design guide. As per guide and CLRC663 evaluation board.

  • Antenna size is more then our requirement.(65mmx65mm).
  • Antenna inductance: 1.25uH
  • Antenna no. of turns: 2.

So due to lack of space for an antenna in our application, we have to make antenna in 20mmx20mm area.

For this we use NFC antenna inductance calculator as per below link:

Rectangular NFC Antenna Calculator – Medo's Home Page 


So as per calculator, we use parameters for an antenna design as per below:

Antenna size : 20mmx20mm

Track thickness: 1OZ

Track with:12mills

Track Spacing:12mills

No. of turns:6 turns.


Calculated inductance:1.25uH


Query: So my point is if we evaluate same inductance(1.25uH) antenna in 20mmx20mm (inductance of 20mmx20mm antenna is same as according to NXP antenna inductance(1.25uH)), so we can get the same range like evolution board(10 cm)?


Note:EMC and EMI circuit design according final schemetic after adaption of given in demo application in antenna design guide.


So kindly guide and give confirmation for this point if we going in the wrong direction.