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How to build demos in vision SDK for(under) build-x86-gnu-windows-d

Question asked by zhiwei.zhang zhang on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Delia Dong

hi experts:

     I want to using the apex emulation on windows.

     I  built the demo in vision SDK - demos\apps\pedestrian_detection_aggcf - successfully for  build-v234ce-gnu-linux-d .

But when I try to build it for build-x86-gnu-windows-d, many errors come out . 


1、According to the Makefile under build-x86-gnu-windows-d, I have built the opencv3.1.0 on my windows and get  the libopencv_xxx310.a file.

2、At the end of this Makefile , it includes the following files. but these files can not be found under SDK folder. Where can I find them ? or any workaround  ?

include $(DIR_SDK)/script/make/protected/config/build_config_x86_windows_gnu.min
include $(DIR_SDK)/script/make/protected/build_lib_rules.min
include $(DIR_SDK)/script/make/protected/build_app_rules.min
include $(DIR_SDK)/script/make/protected/build_targets.min

3、Following the Makefile under build-v234ce-gnu-linux-d, I change this Makefile, replace above includes with

   "include $(CURR_SDK_ROOT)/build/nbuild/platforms/$(notdir $(CURDIR))/Makefile" 

  and run "make allsub"

  It does not do any compile at all. --   make: Nothing to be done for `all'


There must be some way to build this demo on window. can you give any tips ?