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i.mx6ull feature version pin compatibility

Question asked by David Luberger on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Bio_TICFSL

NXP doesn't provide schematic symbols or footprints, so I'm about to have to put a lot of work into creating my Altium symbol (all 289 pins) for the i.mx6ull and what I'm wondering is whether the part numbers between feature sets (e.g., MCIMX6Y2CVK08AB vs. the MCIMX6Y2CVK05AB) are drop-in pin compatible.  The only difference I see is the max speed (05 is 528MHz and 08 is 792MHz).  The speed doesn't matter to me anyway because i'm going to dial it back as far as I can while still getting linux to run in order to minimize power consumption.


Speaking of linux, I'm planning to base my board on the eval board reference design from the i.mx6ull product page.  There's a linux download and yocto project and what I'm wondering is, since the eval board runs the MCIMX6Y2DVM05AA which is the commercial temperature instead of industrial temperature and 528MHz, when i lay out my new board will the pre-compiled linux image that was built for the eval kit work with my board?  Would linux care or even notice that the model number isn't the same?  Along those same lines, the eval board uses 4Gb DDR3L RAM and I was looking to use 1Gb DDR3L RAM instead because it's way cheaper and more readily available. Other than potential performance issues (I'm ultimately not even going to run a desktop on my device, just a single executable that is the GUI for the device), will Linux care that the ram size is different? The RAM i'm looking at is pin-compatible and is the same x16 format as what's on the eval board.