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KE06 Z128 Uart Bootloader (someone have bootloader?)

Question asked by Dongho Ha on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Mark Butcher


I am studying Kinetis KE06.

I use custom KE06 test board(not FRDM-KE06).


Now, I need UART bootloader for KE06.

Anyone have Uart bootloader for KE06?

I desperately need this.


Thank you.



I succeed KE06 uart bootloader by AN4767SW and AN5219SW.

AN4767SW is KE02 uart bootloader program.

AN5219SW is KE06 can bootloader program.

I use IAR Embedded wrokbech.

I used AN5219SW base.

And I bring source code from AN4767SW.

It works well.

But MCU information is wrong.

Next, application program need proper icf file.

It can get from AN5219SW application config file  KE0X_128K_bootloader.icf