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Question asked by Carlos Fernandez on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Parthiban Nallathambi

Hi all,


I'm using the UTP communicatin interface in the mfg_tools in order flash my imx6ullevk based custom board. EMMC is flashed ok and zImage, device tree and root file system are written OK in the EMMC but u-boot is not booting at startup.


1. The EMMC is set on usdhc2 position
2. The boot configuration seems to bee OK in order to boot from EMMC-1
3. The commands using for flashing the u-boot are the same that used in mfg_tools ucl2.xml. And I'm using the u-boot-imx6ull14x14evk_emmc.imx file in mfg_tools L4.9.11_1.0.0-ga_mfg-tools. These are the executed commands:


<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="">Sending partition shell</CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ tar xf $FILE "> Partitioning...</CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ sh /dev/mmcblk%mmc%"> Partitioning...</CMD>

<!-- burn uboot -->
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk%mmc% bs=1k seek=768 conv=fsync count=136">clear u-boot arg</CMD>
<!-- access boot partition -->
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk%mmc%boot0/force_ro">access boot partition 1</CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="send" file="files/u-boot-imx6ull%6uluboot%_emmc.imx" ifdev="MX6ULL">Sending u-boot.bin</CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ dd if=$FILE of=/dev/mmcblk%mmc%boot0 bs=512 seek=2">write U-Boot to sd card</CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ echo 1 > /sys/block/mmcblk%mmc%boot0/force_ro"> re-enable read-only access </CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ mmc bootpart enable 1 1 /dev/mmcblk%mmc%">enable boot partion 1 to boot</CMD>


But after flashing and setting the boot switches OK, nothing appears on my serial terminal. If I boot from SD, everything goes OK and I can manage to boot zImage and rootfs in EMMC, but u-boot is never booting from EMMC.


What could be wrong?


Thanks in advance