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Bug in DDR Stess Tester v 2.8

Question asked by Torben Klein on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Yuri Muhin
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i am using the DDR Stress Tester to get calibration values for DDR3 RAM. I think I stumbled across a bug. Here is part of the messages from the tool:


        Start:           HC=0x00 ABS=0x00
        End:             HC=0x02 ABS=0x50
        Mean:            HC=0x01 ABS=0x28
        End-0.5*tCK:     HC=0x01 ABS=0x50
        Final:           HC=0x01 ABS=0x50
        Start:           HC=0x00 ABS=0x30
        End:             HC=0x02 ABS=0x58
        Mean:            HC=0x01 ABS=0x44
        End-0.5*tCK:     HC=0x01 ABS=0x58
        Final:           HC=0x01 ABS=0x58


DQS calibration MMDC0 MPDGCTRL0 = 0x41D80150, MPDGCTRL1 = 0x00000000


If I am not mistaken, shouldn't the last line be


DQS calibration MMDC0 MPDGCTRL0 = 0x41580150, MPDGCTRL1 = 0x00000000