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RGMII ports on LS1046A do not work

Question asked by Jonas M on May 16, 2018
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my equipment: two LS1046ARDB boards with QorIQ SDK v2.0-1703 firmware. There are two SGMII RJ45 ports and two RGMII RJ45 ports on the board. The SGMII works fine from both u-boot and linux (SDK). But the RGMII works only in u-boot (tested using tftp).


The u-boot messages shows 6 interfaces, that corresponds to 2 x SGMII, 2 x RGMII, 10G and SFP+:


> Fman1: Uploading microcode version 108.4.9


In the Linux (SDK), there are two errors printed by fsl_dpa:


> [ 1.352601] fsl_dpa: FSL DPAA Ethernet driver
> [ 1.357036] fsl_dpa fsl,dpaa:ethernet@2: of_find_device_by_node(/soc/fman@1a00000/ethernet@e4000) failed
> [ 1.366516] fsl_dpa: probe of fsl,dpaa:ethernet@2 failed with error -22
> [ 1.373153] fsl_dpa fsl,dpaa:ethernet@3: of_find_device_by_node(/soc/fman@1a00000/ethernet@e6000) failed
> [ 1.382632] fsl_dpa: probe of fsl,dpaa:ethernet@3 failed with error -22
> [ 1.391937] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth0
> [ 1.399497] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth1
> [ 1.407247] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth2
> [ 1.415205] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth3


And later there are just 4 interfaces - two SGMII, one 10G and one for SFP+ cage. No RGMII.


When I boot the alternative Linux image (Tiny Distro), it shows all the interfaces (eth0-eth5) and the RGMII interfaces are among them, working nicely. There are no 'error -22' messages in the dmesg.


So I assume the issue is within kernel.itb image that I use. I tried prebuilt image from SDK, and it shows same 'error -22' messages on RGMII interfaces.


What I am missing? Does someone had anything similar?


Thanks in advance for any help or clues!