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i.MX6UL Hardware implementation of a 8 MP camera

Question asked by Thomas Gadn on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Thomas Gadn

It is possible to implement a MIPI CSI 2 Camera into a custom i.MX6UL Board although the processor only supports 24Bit Parallel?


I saw already some examples with an OV6540 which is using 2 Lane MIPI CSI - 2 Interface.


Since I am only working on the hardware side I want to ask: If there is any possibility to connect 4 Lane MIPI CSI 2 Cameras(SONY IMX219) with the processor. 


Do I need to use a bridge like the TC358746AXBG and use the full 24 Bit Parallel Camera Port? 


Are there any suggestions from some hardware engineers with some better knowledge about this topic?


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