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External SDRAM and clock transition

Question asked by pradeesh thomas on May 15, 2018
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I am working in K81 platform. My application requires more memory so i integrated external QSPI flash and external SDRAM everything is working fine with 120MHz normal run mode. But i need more speed, and i changed clock in to HSRUN (150MHz), i know flash write/erase will not work in HSRUN (i need flash write/erase in my app). So i wrote a code for clock transition when i enter flash operation. This transition is working without SDRAM but with SDRAM initialisation this transition code hangs in SIM_CLKDIV1 register writing. That means,

  1. I started with HSRUN - fine
  2. I initialized SDRAM - fine
  3. Try to change clock - problem!!! 

If i comment 2nd step, no issue..

So, in this case what step i need to do? Because i need high speed execution of code, external flash, external RAM and internal flash erase/write in my application.