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Suggested way to add/modify node to device tree in fsl-community-bsp

Question asked by steven eckhoff on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Carlos_Musich



I develop Linux drivers and I usually use the Raspberry Pi to interface to the hardware that I am developing for, but I needed more than one I2S interface so I picked up the pico-pi-imx7d board. In the Raspberry Pi I am able to use overlays and they are a very elegant solution to dynamically adding devices to the device tree. 


Now I am working with the fsl-community-bsp and on my board I do not see any overlays, so I am wondering what is the next best solution?


Currently I have a hack working where I have modified the dts file that has been unpacked under the build directory. This works for my purposes since I am only testing a driver, but since I have taken the time to get this board up and running with our hardware I'd like to be able to provide something to customers who may also be working with the pico-pi-imx7d board.


The best thing I can come up with is to create a patch for the dts file and add the patch using a bbappend file. If you think this is the correct approach, then do you know which recipe that it would be that I would append to? I am a bit of a Yocto newb.


What are your thoughts?


Thanks for any input.