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T4240 Reset problem

Question asked by senthilkumarg on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by senthilkumarg

We have a custom board built with T4240 processor. During power on sequence, hreset is not released by 4240 and also not able to connect to the processor through JTAG. We observed from I2C bus, 4240 is reading RCW of 74 Bytes and stops. 4 preamble + 4 (acs,length,cont=1)+ 64 rcw + 4 (acs,length,cont=0) + 4 crc makes total of 80 bytes. But 4240 reads only 74 bytes and hangs. Not even responding to JTAG. We checked clock and voltages are fine, por assertion time and hold time are verified. What could be the issue.