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HID iClass cards and NFC lib on CLRC663 plus frontend

Question asked by Alexey Bulgakov on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Alexey Bulgakov

Hello community, I am using OM26630FDK: CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit in my development. Among many different card's techno I have to implement support for HID iClass DL cards (picopass 2k). My question is did someone was able to successfully initialize NFC lib so that it is detects iclass cards properly?


So far I have been playing with advanced discovery example and can see that when I am taping with an iclass card, the discovery loop return status 0x4086 which is corresponded to PHAC_DISCLOOP_LPCD_NO_TECH_DETECTED (0x0086). As per comments from the library code:



Low Power Card Detection (LPCD) succeeded but no technologies detected.
This status is returned by \ref phacDiscLoop_Run in passive poll mode when LPCD is enabled and LPCD returned success but no technologies were detected during technology detection stage of passive poll mode. This can be due to false triggering of LPCD interrupt or LPCD triggered by a card/device not supported by discovery loop.


Any idea of how to make NFC lib example running on CLRC663 able to detect HID iClass cards?


P.S. I have seen few questions here already were asked about iClass cards but only very bref answers were given such as explaining that iClass cards are ISO 15693 compliant.


I will really appreciate if someone can shows some examples or at least give some directions of where to go and what to look for...many thanks in advance.