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PE USB_HOST_STACK sends only first 4 bytes of the packet

Question asked by qweasd on May 14, 2018

Hello, I'm using KDS v3.2.0 and USB_HOST_STACK PE Component from USB Stack v4.1.1.


I'm making a project for a custom vendor device that has only 2 bulk pipes, IN and OUT. I have almost the same project in CodeWarrior without using ProcessorExpert and that project works fine. 


My problem is that PE USB Stack has 2 bugs on my side, and the main bug is that _usb_host_send_data function sends only first 4 bytes of the buffer. I debugged through the code and figured out that the problem function is USB_LDD_HostSendData (generated by PE) within khci.c file. And this is the main difference between KDS and CW projects - CW ones uses _usb_khci_atom_tr to send/receive data.


The second bug is that I can receive the data from the device, but cannot get received data size, it is always set to the buffer size. But this bug is not critical.


I tried to port _usb_khci_task function from CW project to KDS one, but without any success.