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mx6ull DDR3 script generation aid uboot problem

Question asked by Torben Klein on May 14, 2018
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for a custom board I have to set up the DDR3 RAM parameters. As a test I tried to run through the process with the i.MX6ULL DevBoard. I used the script aid to get the file with the values for the RAM which is mounted on the ULL Devboard.

As I understand, I now have to use the DDR Stress Test Tool to get the missing calibration values. To do this, I want to use the UBoot method. For this I am using the UBoot v2018.03 and am setting the values which I got from the script aid tool in the file imximage.cfg for the devboard. With these values I build the UBoot and try to tun it on the DevBoard. The problem is, that the UBoot isn't starting at all with these values. It works with the USB method but since I have no USB or JTAG on the custom board, I have to use the UBoot method. Has anyone an idea what I might be doing wrong? I attach the I am getting from the script aid.

I can build and use the UBoot with the parameters that come for the devboard without problems. With this I can run the DDR Stess Test Tool but this won't help me with the custom board.