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Device information is removed from PDM when Device is already joined

Question asked by vihang jani on May 14, 2018

Hi NXP Team, 



I am facing issue when Device(sprint#10 SDK) is already joined then update device firmware with sprint#12 over sprint#10. 

After that NCP PDM data is erased. I don't konw how is doing without call any PDM erase related API. 


Please provide Root Cause and Any dependency is there in sprint#10 or #12? 


For your Reference :


SmartEnergy Sprint#10 : 
HOST Version : JN-SW-4364-ZigBee-SmartEnergy1.x-v1721 
NCP Version : JN-SW-4170-v1719 


SmartEnergy Sprint#12 : 
HOST Version : JN-SW-4364-ZigBee-SmartEnergy1.x-v1779 
NCP version : JN-SW-4170-v1773 


PFA Log file. 

I hope you can catch up my query on the highest and reply me as soon as possible.