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Decommissioning issue with volansys gateway

Question asked by Theophile Leroy Employee on May 14, 2018
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I am currently working in NXP as an Intern on validating Thread feature on the incoming Rapid-IoT. In order to do that I use Volansys gateway to commission the devices via the android/ios application.


Recently, after none testing period, a device of mine was still commissioned from past test, after multiple attempt, the device cannot be decommissioned, when decommissioning failed an error is display ("Not able to remove end node" for android app, "Server not responding. Please check the mobile and gateway Connection and try again..." for ios app). The left led on the front panel is GREEN indicating that the gateway as connection to the cloud and both of my smartphone have access to internet via a wifi that have good tcp/ip rules to access cloud (port open).


I tried to re-formatted from scratch my sd-card of the gateway to have a clean setup but the problem is: the gateway registration is store in the cloud space and therefore it doesn't resolve my problem. When loged-in with my credentials the gateway is still there with the old device commissioned. I am stuck in a loop.


Here is my question, first, can you reset the cloud information of my gateway so I can re-commissioned it with and start with a clean cloud-space. Second,is it an known issue and can it be fixed asap.


Feel free to contact me directly at or +33 2 31 45 60 95



Part-No: VT-GTWY-6UL01-M1

SN: 1608001297086

MAC: 70-B3-D5-9A-E0-0B

firmware : volansys-modular-gateway-imx6ulmg-20180305123232-dual-parted.rootfs.sdcard



Smartphone / Tablet :

Galaxy S5

Android 6.0.1

app version 050111.1.4


Ipad Air 2

app version 2.4.16