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FreeRTOS+IO Board Support Package BSP for the LPC1768

Question asked by Michael Binz on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Victor Jimenez

I'm trying to get an existing prototype project using the LPC1768 working and had good success so far. 


The last piece we're missing is the current version of the 'FreeRTOS+IO Board Support Package BSP for the LPC1768'.


I do have a version 1.0.1 of this, containing CAN, I2C, SSP, UART drivers (in files named FreeRTOS_lpc17xx_i2c.c for example). These are somewhat outdated, since they use an older version of the CMSIS library that misses definitions that we need.


The FreeRTOS+IO package available from the FreeRTOS website has no content at all for the lpc1768.


I did find example code on git hub, mentioning exactly what we are looking for: GitHub - barathbushan/CanDriverOnFreeRTOS: FreeRTOS+IO provides a Linux/POSIX like open(), read(), write(), ioctl() type… 

but this project has only sample code for the library I'm looking for


After investigating the NXP Web page, it seems that we need LPCOpen for lpc1768, but I could not track down a version that contains the drivers we need (CAN, I2C, SSP, UART). I also failed to download the 'LPC Xpresso IDE' which according to the GIT Hub link was used to develop the samples.


So my question is: Where can I download a version of the FreeRTOS+IO Board Support Package BSP for the LPC1768 containing the CAN, I2C, SSP, UART drivers? Best case would be a version that also has USB.


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