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Unable to unsecure MKL26Z64VFT4 and reset signal issue

Question asked by DILEEP T N on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by Kerry Zhou


we are using the MKL26z64ft4 in our latest project. We are presently using samples which were provided as per our request from the NXP. When i try to program it using somany IDE and compilers it shows error that could not be "erased and connection to target failed. The mcu which is flash locked. so i need to unlock it to use for my projects. But till icant, i tried Keil, CodeWarrier and the Kinetis design studio also but i am failed to debug the MCU. Anyone still facing issues like this? I cant even access my target MCU but the ic address is visible in keil using ulink only not for jlink. in jlink it doesnt detect the mcu id.Could you please suggest the possible reasons which could lead to the error  How should we move forward with the debugging of the IC.Please suggest us the steps and procedures to be followed to overcome this issue while debugging the board.Is there any hardware wise setup which we should check whether we have implemented in our design which could have lead to such an error? Am looking forward to hear from you.....................



I am facing a issue in our board that the reset pin which gives an pulse waveform not a permanent high or low. Is that the issue for not accessing the chip? But the vpp for the reset which is 3.3v. I am confused. The reset is pulled upwith 10k and a switch connected to it from ground. if the switch is pressed the reset goes low but when i released the switch the pulse came. any one faced issue like this?What is your suggestion regarding the issue?


Any help will be appreciated.