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s32K144 CAN0 RXIMR registers doesn't work wellt

Question asked by shingo zhou on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by shingo zhou

Hi, I have a question about RXIMR register of instance CAN0 using SDK 0.8.4 release.


Inorder to receive the can frame those ID between 0x500 to 0x57F and FLEXCAN_RX_FIFO_ID_FORMAT_A, I use RxFiFo filter, and set the related register belows:


2. CAN0->RXIMR[0] = (0x780 << CAN_ID_STD_SHIFT) & CAN_ID_STD_MASK;


But the result is that CAN0 could only receive the incoming frame which ID is 0x500, and it does not achieve my requirements. So, Is there no distinction betwen setting RXIMR = 0xFFFFFFFF and RXIMR = (0x780 << CAN_ID_STD_SHIFT)? The RXIMRs register are not useful register?



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