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IMX31 boot sequence for J-Tag/J-Link?

Question asked by Justin Carrel on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by igorpadykov

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to set up a Segger J-Link debugger device to debug some memory-related crashes I'm seeing on my IMX31 project, running Nucleus RTOS.  I am able to connect to the J-Link successfully but when I try to download or attach to a running program for debugging, I get this output from the J-Link app:


J-Link: Device "IMX31" selected.

J-Link: TotalIRLen = 18, IRPrint = 0x002011

J-Link: At least one of the connected devices is not JTAG compliant (IEEE Std 1149.1, 7.1.1.d, IR-cells). (NumDevices = 4, NumBitsSet = 3)

J-Link: JTAG chain detection found 4 devices:

J-Link:  #0 Id: 0x2B900F0F, IRLen: 04, ARM ETB

J-Link:  #1 Id: 0x07B3601D, IRLen: 05, ARM1136 Core

J-Link:  #2 Id: 0x00000001, IRLen: ?, Unknown device

J-Link:  #3 Id: 0x2190101D, IRLen: ?, Unknown device

J-Link: connected to target device

J-Link: Can not read register 15 (R13_USR) while CPU is running

J-Link: Can not read register 9 (R15 (PC)) while CPU is running

J-Link: connection to target device lost.

J-Link: disconnected from target device


I figured that maybe I need to customize the boot sequence and setup the register/memory locations manually.  Can anyone possibly tell me the proper sequence with details?  Thanks.