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Trouble with understanding FRDM-KEA 128 board

Question asked by Tejas R on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by Robin_Shen


I'm just starting with the board and I have a few questions regarding the pin layout. In the image attached, I've found many pins to be duplicated/repeated. I am having problems reading input from any of the GPIO pins. I'm using the S32 Design Studio. The outputs are working fine.    

To set up a pin as an input, I've used the following commands  

GPIOA_PDDR &= ~(1<<PTD2);
GPIOA_PIDR &= ~(1<<PTD2);
PORT_PUE0 |= 1<<PTD2;


The flow is not entering the if condition -   if( (GPIOA_PDIR) & (0<<PTD2)).

I've already posted a question regarding this and did get a response. But since I'm new to all this, I think it's better if someone can post relevant links so that I can learn. 

Thanks in advance.