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[MPC5748G] Can not find the ADC external trigger source

Question asked by steven_vegeta on May 10, 2018
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I'm working on ADC module in MPC5748G and want to use an external trigger to start ADC injected conversion.

I'm using  MPC5748GRM Rev. 6, 10/2017, at 

And It describes at Starting injected conversion

To start an injected conversion via external trigger, enable external triggering by setting MCR[JTRGEN]=1. A programmed event (rising/falling edge depending on MCR[JEDGE] bit) on the injection trigger input starts the injected conversion



But I can't find the external trigger source to generate trigger source.

Please help to figure out the external trigger source for ADC injected conversion.


P/S: The RM also describes BCTU trigger mode but as I understand It will not start an injected conversion.


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