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Can't run "demo_4antennas_video.m" with error message

Question asked by Justin Kim Employee on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Justin Kim

Dear team,


After followed all installation guide including RSDK, I tried to run the example code, "demo_4antennas_video.m".

However, I've encountered error message below.


>> demo_4antennas_video

---Generate input data.

---Running Range FFT.

Not enough input arguments.

Error in rangeFFT (line 181) shft_val = shiftOutput; % Shift value - signed 6-bit number

Error in demo_4antennas_video (line 81)

output_rangeFFT_bitexact = rangeFFT(input_data_rs * 2^(NBITS-1), window_rangeFFT_rs * 2^(NBITS-1), twiddle_rangeFFT * 2^(NBITS-1), M, N, P);


Based on error msg, I guess we need to configure the input parameters correctly, especially for rangeFFT();

I'm using RSDK 0.9.0 beta version now.

Could you suggest the solution for this issue?


Thank you