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Cortex-M0+ performance 48MHz vs 96MHz

Question asked by Josip Haluska on May 9, 2018
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Let say that CPU is running at 48MHz and executing instructions from RAM. With KL27 things are clear. CPU and RAM are working on the same clock. Executing str R1, [R2] will take 2 CPU cycles. If destination is port, than it will take 3 CPU.

My question is, what will be if KL27 is replaced with KL28. If the KL28 CPU is running at 96MHz, are the RAM working on the same clock as CPU? And how many CPU cycles str R1, [R2] will take? What if destination is port? If we are looking pure execution of the same code from RAM, KL28 will be 2 times faster than KL27, or not? KL28 can reach 96MHz on 1.7V, or not?