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How to get IEEE 1588 PPS ouput using YOCTO on i.MX8M?

Question asked by Bharat Kumar Bacha on May 9, 2018

I am working on iMX8M-EVK to generate IEEE 1588 PPS output. It seems like there are two IEEE 1588 event out signals and I needed to use ENET1_1588_EVENT1_OUT as it got routed  to one of the headers on the board. 


I need to make the changes recommended in

1. Configure IOMUX  for ENET1_1588_EVENT1_OUT

2. Configure IEEE 1588 module to generate ENET1_1588_EVENT1_OUT

I am new to Yocto project and would appreciate any help or guidance in setting up the configuration.



I have included ptpd2 using IMAGE_append (<build_dir>/conf/local.conf file). 

when I run "ptpd2 -A -m -E -I eth0" I can see PTP messages coming out but "echo 1>/sys/class/ptp/ptp0/pps_enable" gives write error  "fec 30be0000.ethernet: no ptp stack is running"