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Debugging issues CodeWarrior v11

Question asked by Ivan P on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Ivan P

Hello everyone,


I am experiencing issues when I try to debug my MC56F82748VLH MCU - my program builds up and when I click the debug button, it says "Launching MC56F827xxPW..Multilink" and it gets stuck at 2% OR sometimes it gets stuck at 100%. In most cases the debug works, or if not I had to restart CodeWarrior or restart the PC in order to get it work.


Also, anytime I open the FreeMaster scope, the CodeWarrior looses connection to the MCU "Target Connection Lost" and "The debugger has lost communication on connection MC56F827xx.......UniversalMultilink".


Any ideas why this happens and how can I resolve it?


Thank you.