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CWHC08 V6.1 Search File List in In Project tab

Discussion created by Bill Elliot on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by Tom Thompson
I moved a V3.1 project to a new directory and opened it in V6.1 without any obvious problems.  I have been using V6.1 for about 10 months now and am able to build the project just fine.
I have one nagging issue that I hope someone can address:  The File List in the In Project tab of the Find in Files box lists files from the old project path and not just the new path.  For instance:
aphdwre.c   <-----File from current project path
aphdwre.h   <-----File from current project path
aphdwre.h   <-----File from old project path
I have selected the Reset Entry Paths and Re-search for Files items in the Project menu but that does not change the file list.  This can be a problem if I am doing a search and replace and am not aware that the old file has popped up to be modified.
Any ideas?  Is there a file that can be manually edited that contains this historical file location information?
By the way, the "Save project entries using relative paths" is checked.

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