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Stylus recommendation for capacitive and passive stylus on Amazon?

Discussion created by neoply mike on May 9, 2018

Hello all,



Working my way toward paperless and I'm at the point where I'd like to experiment with using my phone for quick handwritten notes while I'm not near a computer instead of defaulting to pen + paper.


Looking for recommendations for a budget stylus - this is an experiment for me, so I'm not looking to plunk down $50-$100 on a tool I may not use for more than a few weeks. Preferably something $20 or less.



Also, are used styluses a fairly reliable option? Are styluses generally durable such that a used stylus should be fine, or are they fragile and short-lived?



I imagine I'd mostly be using Android's built-in Handwriting feature, though if there are apps that will provide a better experience while also integrating well with EN, I'm all ears.

My friends recommended one good capacitive and passive stylus for me, just like thiis B01CKC79O0

Any help ?