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[saf510x driver] what is the number of RSSI maximum for converting the RSSI value to dBm?

Question asked by MyungChul Park on May 8, 2018

Firstly, i'm sorry that my English skill is very poor.

Based on IEEE std 802.11 -2016 Part 11 : Wireless LAN medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) specifications , the RSSI parameter of the RXVECTOR parameters which is described in the Table 17.2 has maximum value for indicating the RSSI value in percentage(%) units. However, the spec does not decide the number of RSSI maximum, it depends on the manufacturer.



From ublox, I purchased the THEO-P173 which has the NxP saf510x chipset. And then I request them for acquiring the number of RSSI maximum, but they said that they cannot reply it because the PHY spec depends on NxP.


So, I request on this community for getting the RSSI maximum value to convert the RSSI value [%] of RXvector to [dBm] units.


And I found the datasheet of the cohda MK5 module using saf5100 chipset. In the datasheet, the range of RSSI measurements is described. If i know the RSSI maximum value, I can convert the RSSI value to dBm using the datasheet.

Thank you for your time. And Please help me for developing application.